Lai Lai Café

Lai Lai Café

Speciality coffee,
from Laos to your cup

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The project

Bringing Laotian coffee digitally to all those who want to discover and experience new nuances

Research & Strategy

Competitor Review|SEO Analysis


UI Design|UX Design


Front-end Development|WordPress Configuration

WooCommerce Configuration|Advanced Integrations


Product Photography


Performance Testing|Functionality Testing

Cross-Device Testing|Cross-Browser Testing

Scope of Work & Year

End Customer|2022

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Lai Lai Café coffee beans

Lai Lai Café imports fresh harvests directly from friendly farmers or cooperatives, paying premium prices for special quality beans. In this way they manage to improve the livelihoods of the farmers and consequently the quality of their plantations.

Lai Lai Café coffee Champa
Different Lai Lai Café speciality coffees
Lao coffee picker in Luang Prabang

The coffee they offer is grown on organic plantations that follow sustainable practices and is hand-picked and carefully selected.

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"I was lucky enough to have Andrei to develop our website, and I can say that he was a very valuable asset to the project. Andrei is a multi-faceted professional who got involved in the different phases of the project with the best disposition, and helped us develop the website from scratch in the areas of web design and programming. Always going beyond his duties with new ideas and applications, he ensured the feasibility of the project with attention to detail and creativity. I am sure he will be a great addition to any team."

Alba Ramos|Co-Founder

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